Monday, May 15, 2006

Welcome to the Real World, Part 2

On Friday morning, my alarm clock started beeping at 5 a.m. I groaned, hit the snooze button and crawled back under the covers. At least, until my sleep dazed brain remember that I had a presentation scheduled for 8:30 Waycross. For those of my readers not familar with South Georgia geography, Waycross is nearly 95 plus miles away from Brooklet.

3 hours and 2 diet cokes later, I was standing in front of about 50+ office managers/billers and other health professional. All eyes were on me, as I began the presenation. Following my presentation, I held a question and answer session. It was hard to believe that (a) I actually had the answers and (b) people were actually listening to me.

As a kid, I kept dreaming of the day when adults would accept me as an equal. The day when I could freely express my thoughts and opinions. It seems that day has finally arrived. This adult thing might not be so bad....assuming those 5 a.m. wakeups are few and far between.


Anonymous said...

My first born little girl is now a grown woman. You have reached one of your goals. You need to set more goals to reach. they will help you to become successful.
I am proud of you. I always knew you were special. i thank GHod every day for the gift(you) he has given me. You will always be my little girl no matter how old you become. I will always love you 2-5.