Sunday, May 07, 2006

Home, sweet, Home....

Going back to my hometown - that little bity country town of Alma, Ga is always an interesting experience. There is always a moment that makes me miss the simple comforts of small town live, and always a moment that reminds me of why I left. Over the weekend, I returned once more...this time for the always fun filled family reunion.

This family reunion, was for my grandfather's family...The Holtons. The local VFW hall was filled with plenty of people and twice as much food needed to feed them all. The majority of the faces were unfamiliar to me, either because I've been away so long or because they were new additions to the extended family. Being close to my family, made me long for a brief return to my hometown. Then the family started asking questions....and I was ready to leave again. So why aren't you married yet?

Here's how a typical conversation went over the weekend.....

Family Member: "Kimberly, is that you? Your Babo's girl ain't ya. Why you done made a pretty thing after all?"

Me: Thank you (wondering, was I that bad the last time you saw me?)

FM: So when are you getting married?

Me: Oh, that's a ways away yet.

FM: Why? By the time I was your age...I was married with such and such a number of children.

Me: Well, my boyfriend's in medical school, so right now marriage isn't feasible.

FM: Ah, gonna land you a doctor. Have all that money. Smart girl. So you finished with school, or you gonna be a professional student?

Me: I will be finished in December.

FM: Whatcha studying?

Me: Health Services Administration

FM (blank stare and silence)

Me: I want to run hospitals.

FM: Uh-huh. Well, I best be getting over to the dessert table. Hang on to that doctor.

By the close of the weekend - 25 people had asked that all important question, 13 had commented on me "holding on to the doctor", and another dozen or so were amazed at how pretty I was.

And that is why I live 83 miles away from my hometown. 83 miles means I can live my life without a whole town looking over my shoulder, without sneezing and having someone two miles away say "Bless you", and that I only have to hear the same questions once a year - not everyday.


By the Sea said...

At least your boyfriend is a Southerner. Years ago I had almost exactly the same conversation, except I was gonna be "one a them fancy lawyers" and it usually ended with the admonition "Well you go up there to Washington and set 'em straight!"

When we got to the significant other part, the conversation ended "What's a matter boy, there ain't Georgia girls good enough for you?"

Sometimes you just can't win.

Anonymous said...

I just love it. You now know why I left Alma in 1973. Is the family member a person or a composite of many people? I could select about a dozen of my relatives real quick. I was just glad you were there to off-set those relatives who God did not bless too well with brains that work in an effective manner at all times. You have and will always make me proud. Never forget where you came from, but remember the real reason why you left. To hell with georgie