Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Road and The Radio

My job requires that I travel extensively. Some of my travels are mere jaunts down the road. Others, like today, take several hours complete. The monotony of the journey is broken only by the music that flows thru the speakers.

I've never really thought about the music influences the mood (and sometimes speed) of my trip. Today, however, I realized that the slow easy ballads relax me and allow my mind to decompress. I found myself paying more attention to the scenery on either side of me. I notice the green leaves beginning to sprout on the trees, and the bright blue sky. The upbeat tempos have me applying more pressure to the gas pedal and realizing just how fast life is fleeting by. Singing along to the "angry rock" allows me to release pent up frustrations.

I must hear a hundred or more songs each week, when I'm traveling. I spend hours on end in my car, and though I am often physically tired when I return home --- I'm mentally energized.
Perhaps Kenny Chesney had it right, all I really need are my good friends "the road and the radio".