Monday, July 09, 2007

Just back from my trip to Ft. Lauderdale. As usual, the visit was too much but way too short. Arrived on Thursday night, had dinner then a relaxing evening at Jamie's house. Friday morning, he got up to head off to his rotation at the hospital, I stayed snuggled in bed. Around 9ish, I woke Jason up and he and I went exploring the area - a trip to autozone for new shocks, breakfast at IHOP, bathing suit shopping at the mall and Target, and then back to Jamie's house. Jamie got off work at 2 p.m.- so the 3 of us met up with Beau, Brooke and Lexie for lunch at Smokey Bones. After lunch, we went to Sprint so Jamie could get a new phone - his kept dying. After the new phone, and showers, we met up with Beau and Brooke again at Dave and Busters. We all had blast playing the video games. We crashed around midnight.

Saturday morning was a similar routine. Jamie got up early for his rotation, Jason and I slept in till around 10 or so. Jamie came home about 11, we all changed into our swimming gear (in anticipation of our snorkeling trip), met Beau and Brooke for lunch, then headed to Key Largo. Traffic was great until we got onto Key Largo, then it became a parking log. It was so bad we missed our 3 o'clock trip, and had to take the 5:30 one instead.

However, the change in times didn't damper our spirit. And the trip was just as much fun. I even managed to not freak out this time. Saw lots of beautiful fish and sea life.....

After we made it back inland, we headed to Marker 88 Restaurant to watch the sun set on the Gulf, enjoy some adult beverages, and really great seafood. We arrived back at Jamie's place around 1 or so, and promptly crashed.

Sunday morning began with a trip to Barnes and Noble - I needed to replenish my stock of books to read on the drive home and was desperately craving a White Chocolate Mocha. After the boys patiently waited for me to make my selections, we went to Bass Pro shop. It was actually really fun having Jamie explain all the hunting, fishing stuff to me. If I'm not careful, I could really become addicted to the sports. We had lunch at another seafood place, then parted ways.

6 hours and 20 minutes I arrived home, unloaded my luggage, and crashed for the night. Now it's another Monday at work, and 12 weeks before I'll be back in Ft. Lauderdale.