Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Letter to Him

Thanks for the e-mail. It is nice that you reached out and apologized for your actions over the last few months. It makes me believe that the man I thought you were wasn't an illusion - that you were real.

I am glad to know that I made a positive impact on your life. After all, I always want people to leave me better than they came to me. And believe it or not, I am truly happy that you have found your happiness. I have too.

But you can't be my best friend. That role is reserved for someone else. I am not saying that to be mean, or vindictive - it is just the truth. There will come a day when you and I are in the same place (our families are too connected to avoid it forever). And when that day comes, I hope that we can be nice with each other. And I hope that it is not they forced fake pleasantries. Perhaps it will be sincere concern for each other. However, saying that we can be friends is a stretch. Saying that you could be my best friend -- well that's beyond stretching it.

You were right - you were not what I needed, you did hold me back from doing things I wanted to do. But it isn't all your fault. After all, I let you. I settled for less that what I deserved. However, if you knew I wasn't what you needed, you should have bailed sooner. That's the part that I will never understand. It is okay. I've come to terms with the way things were - are- and will be.