Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend Recap

My gimpy knee did not keep me from enjoying a wonderful weekend. Friday night, Mikey and I went grocery shopping and then prepared salads for dinner. We found ourselves at his parents house till nearly 11 p.m. just talking and spending time with them.

On Saturday, I helped out at the Guysie Car Show. This event was hosted by two of my good friends. It was quite a blast. I fell in love with all of the classic cars. Now, I am wanting one. :-) The event was great but by 4 p.m. - my knee was anything but. Mikey met me at my house and we drove out to his Mama's. We spent Saturday night decorating for VBS.

Sunday was the usual routine of Sunday school, Church, lunch wiht the family, and then a bit of realxing. Sunday afternoon we had our VBS kickoff complete with massive water slide. Against my better judgement, I played on the slide. The medicine that I took prior to the event had me feeling no pain.....I should have known it wouldn't last. Today, my knee is swollen, and very bruised. No more stress on it....I've learned my lesson.