Wednesday, July 02, 2008

21 Day Challenge Project

I am 3 days into the 21 days that I vowed to exercise -- and I am going strong. I did a 30 minute Turbo Jam workout on Monday. Last night, we had dinner with M's family and the after dinner conversation ran late (it was after 10 before we got back to M's place), and I still managed to squeeze in a quick 20 minutes of kickboxing. Tonight I plan on lifting and then running with M.

The diet coke pledge is 2 days into the 21.....the first day was easy. I drank lots of water and a few glasses of tea. No problems. Then at 3:30 this morning I woke up with a severe caffeine headache, I really want that dark liquid goodness....but I took 2 Tylenol and drank a glass of water instead. I have a feeling the next 19 days will be difficult at times, but I am ready to do this.

Happy Hump Day Everybody!


Ginger Delicious said...

Hey! I found you're blog via the "21 Day Challenge." Great stuff!!!

I gave up my onetime lifeline, diet Coke, about 2 months ago and I am telling you that after about a week its easy as pie. The headaches suck, but just reminded me of how bad this crap actually must be! Oh, and the best part? My skin! Its crazy how nice it is now...woo hoo!

You'll do it!