Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lessons Learned from Last Night's Run

1) Running without my knee brace = Bad idea -- A quarter mile into my run, my knee began to throb. By the half mile mark is was really hurting. I slowed my pace but the pain never really went away. One mile in I was compensating for the twinges in my knee with an awkward stride. Next time, I will brace up before I lace up.

2) Properly fitting clothing is important. - Last night I ran in a pair of running shorts and one of M's t-shirts. The shorts have gotten to big and M's shirt was HUGE on me. The improper fit had the clothes slipping and sliding over my body. It was very distracting.

3) Running in South Georgia before the sun goes down means you will SWEAT....and not from effort. - I had planned on running 3 miles. But the heat (plus my achey knee) had be exhausted after 2 miles, so I walked the last mile back to my hotel room.

4) Even bad runs make my body feel good. - Last night's run was awkward, painful, hot, and not a lot of fun. But my body felt stronger and I felt powerful.