Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy Weekend

M and I had another busy weekend. On Friday night, we met my parents in town for dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. My parents do not normally eat Mexican, so I was appointed to make their dinner selections for them. Mama loves shrimp, peppers, and such - so I ordered her shrimp fajitas. Daddy is a meat and potatoes kinda guy - so he got beef burritos.

After supper, the fours of us walked to the adjacent grocery store (gotta love strip malls) and picked up some ice cream. Then we all headed back to my parents house. Mama went to bed early - Daddy, M and I stayed up watching high football and eating ice cream.

Saturday had been appointed moving day - the plan was to retrieve the rest of my belongings from my old apartment and split them between my parents house and M's place. We were doing quite well until M's headache reappeared***. We arrived at the apartment, where M promptly dropped us off to begin packing up my books (all 300+ of them) and dismantling the furniture. He made a run to the local Walgreen's - where he could pick up some meds. By the time he made it back, he was hurting so bad that he was shaking. My parents and I handled most of the loading, while M stood in the kitchen trying not to be sick. After finishing loading, I treated everyone to lunch at Arby's and we headed back home. M slept the entire drive back and thankfully was not in pain anymore. After dropping things off at my parents, we bought my books and assorted items to M's place. He took a nap and I surfed the web until our Sunday School supper.

Sunday was the usual routine of Church and dinner with the family. Then M and I had to work on changing out my battery. We managed to get it done, but by the time we were finished, M's headlights had been running so long - he's battery was dead. Ah life!

Now it is Monday and I am back to work. Only 10 more work days till my vacation!!

***M came down with an acute sinus infection earlier in the week and had been suffering major headaches.