Friday, August 22, 2008

What I need....

There is a meme going around the blogsphere that say you are to google the phrase "Your name needs"....and see the responses. Renee over at Life with My Special K's did the meme and asked her readers to join in the fun. Here are the top 5 responses I got when I searched:

Kimberly needs to eat something and shut her ugly mouth (Well, I am eating something at the moment, but I tend to think I have a pretty mouth).

Kimberly needs a John Mirion Day. (Who is John Mirion and why do I need a day for him?)

Kimberly needs to continue sitting in the waiting area. ( I did enough of that last week)

Kimberly needs a car. (I already have one. But if someone is willing to give me a new one - I'll take it.)

Kimberly needs to check herself. (Exactly what am I checking myself for?)

Then I decided to search by my shortened name (Kim)

Kim needs some guinea pigs. (I don't think so. My puppy Bailey is all the pet I need.)

Kim needs to focus on her kid. (Didn't know I had a kid....does Bailey count? If so, then yes I could shower more attention on him).

Kim needs to get out of jail soon. (What am I doing time for? )

Kim needs to lose a few pounds. (No I don't. I am quite happy with the number on the scale.)

Kim needs to shut up and go home. (That's not very nice.)

And since it is a rainy day and I am bored. I did the meme for M's name too:

M needs to know the truth. (Whose been lying to M? Not me.)

M needs to beat up his postal delivery service. (No...violence is bad. Our mailwoman is very nice.)

M needs 28 hours in a day. (I like this one. He'd have more time for work projects, farm stuff and of course spending time with me).

M needs our help. (Sure does. Would ya'll like to help him dug up flower beds, plant shrubs, mow the blueberry fields......I can keep going).

M needs a vacation. (Amen - and he gets one in 2 weeks time.)

I dare all my readers to do this meme and then leave me a comment so I can read your responses.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

ROFL! Those were SO funny! I am loving reading all these!