Friday, October 17, 2008

Activity = Achievement ?

The above equation is something I've been pondering lately. My life is uber-busy. I am working not one job but two. When I am not working, my time is divided between working out, housework, spending time with my family, going to Atlanta for Georgia Tech football, and making time for friends.

I often feel like that for every item I mark off my to do list, a hundred more are added. And I am not sure that I am really getting anywhere. And things that I love to do - read, blog, chat with friends - have fallen by the wayside in the pursuit of clearing my to-do list.

So next week, I am throwing the list away. I will take care of my work responsibilities and I will continue to work out as I am committed to my health. Beyond that, I am making no plans. If I have free time and feel so inclined, I might clean the house or I might read a book. One week of no housework won't cause the world to stop spinning. Instead, it is likely to leave me feeling refreshed and recharged.

And after next week, I am going to find ways to do things I need to do.....and the things I want to do. It just might mean everything does not get done...RIGHT NOW --- and learning that it is okay if that happens will be my challenge.


Leigh Anne said...

Sounds like an amazing plan and one that I have been trying to follow for a while now. I could easily fill my days with all the
things I "SHOULD" be doing but my husband would probably divorce me LOL. He is much happier with an unscrubbed floor and happy wife :)