Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Week of Couch to 5K

Last week, I posted that I was going to resume my running after a seven month hiatus. I decided to start over with the Couch to 5K plan, as it was the plan that got me running in the first place.

This week is my first “official” week on the plan. Monday was the first workout. The first few minutes were rough, as I got accustomed to being on the treadmill. But about 10 minutes in, I hit a stride and the running intervals got easier. Then M commented that he was impressed that I was running at 5 mph. I looked down at the display and sure enough I was running at 5 mph. I was shocked. Last year, I had only been able to run at 4.3 mph. It appears that my cardio workouts, while not runs, have given me some endurance. Wednesday was another training day, in 20:22 I logged a distance of 1.5 miles. If I can continue that pace, I would be able to complete the Pi Mile Road Race (3.16 miles) in just about 40 minutes. And that’s the worst case scenario.

My goal is to complete the race in about 35 minutes, and I have no doubts that if I plan to work and work my plan, I’m going to cross that finish line in my goal time.


Sarah said...

Here is the info I got from my friend. Hope it helps!

"It's a Bed and Breakfast that we like so much. It's called the Eight Gables Inn:

This last time that we went (in November with my Mom) we rented a cabin through Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg and we got the one named "'Four Seasons #2' Chalet in Ski Mountain:"

The cabins are really cool especially if you have a lot of people because you all have your own space and a kitchen. There are basically a lot of cabins for rent and some are owned by companies and some are owned by individuals. I have also seen a bunch of condos for rent that are a lot cheaper and there are motels and hotels. One motel we've wanted to stay at and probably will sometime is the Best Western Twin Islands; it is right in the middle of Gatlinburg across from the aquarium which has the trolley depot but you can walk to a lot of stuff from there.

Having a car is not really necessary because of the trolleys and traffic gets nutso with so many people. In fact the main parking structure is right there at the aquarium too but it's not free. If you look at the trolley map, there is a free parking lot out toward the Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg office and we parked the car there and caught the trolley for the day using a "day-pass" for $2."

Losing Myself said...

Sounds like a great plan. GOod luck with the runs.


Princess Extraordinaire said...

Congrats on incresing your stride - I have been working diligently with a trainer to get back into shape after a long haitus so thisinspires me to keep at it!

Kari said...

That is definately something to be pretty darn proud of!!!