Thursday, February 26, 2009

Diet Coke Detox, Day 1

Yesterday, was Day 1 of my Diet Coke Detox, and it went surprisingly well. I have a case on 20 ounce diet cokes in my mud/utility room - and it has been my habit to grab one on my way out the door for work. The habit continued yesterday, I picked up the bottle without thinking about it. But I remembered as soon as I got in my car, so I kept it sealed, stopped at the local gas station to get a bottle of water, and gave the diet coke to a co-worker.

I managed to make it thru the morning without caving. I even downed 24 ounces of water in little over 2 hours. Lunch time rolled around and I had the beginnings of a caffeine withdrawl headache, so I sipped a little bit of tea with my lunch. Then it was back to water for the rest of the day.

I was quite surprised that I did not have a headache for much of the day. But I did noticed I was much more fatigued, perhaps all that caffeine was making up for my lack of sleep. My goal now is to get a solid 8 hours of sleep a night. My body needs it, my mind needs it - and it is high time that I give myself what I need.


Sarah said...

Congrats on Day 1! I found it gets much easier as the days go on.

NavyBride said...

I was a serious caffeine addict (though Mt. Dew was my "drug" of choice). During the first trimester, I gave it up cold turkey. So I give you kudos, because it was tough, and I went through the headaches and withdrawal also. Now, I treat myself occassionally (once a week or less), but I've found I CAN live without it. Keep it up!

Rebecca said...

Congrats on your BLBE Win!!! Go A-Team!!! That was an awesome week!