Friday, February 27, 2009

Issues with Table Linens

The wedding planning has (up to this point) been relatively stress free. However, things hit a major snag yesterday afternoon. Two weeks after M popped the question we contacted a potential vendor regarding renting table linens. At that time, the vendor assured us that they had 40 ivory table cloths in stock. They advised us to call back once we had finalized a date and location and they would reserve the linens for us. Fast forward a month or so, we called the vendor and they told us that the woman in charge of reserving the linens was on vacation. But once again, we were assured that they could handle our order of 40 ivory table cloths.

So today, M calls to finalize the deal and we are told "Sorry we only have 40 ivory table cloths". WHAT???? My overall them for the reception has centered on having 40 ivory tablecloths. I was panicked. M calmed me down and asked if there was another color we could use - perhaps splitting thing up 20/20. I then asked if they had gold table cloths - gold is one of our accent colors and would still blend with the chocolate brown table runners. No such luck! UGH!!!! Finally, I asked do they have any brown ----

After about 20 minutes M called me back. They have exactly 10 chocolate brown table cloths in stock. So now, I have to revamp the design - 30 ivory tables, 10 chocolate tables. Now I have to figure out what table runner I am going to use for those chocolate tables.

It is more than frustrating that this happened. But luckily we are getting a discount on the linens, so that has smoothed the waters somewhat... but only a little. Here's hoping this is the last big fiasco before the big day.


NavyBride said...

Try not to worry too much. When you're the planner, you take every little detail to heart. Chances are, though, that the guests don't know that any changes have been made and will have a great time. We had some "glitches" even the day of the wedding, and outside of the immediate family, nobody was even remotely aware.

Enjoy these last few weeks (I highly recommend pedicures ;) )!