Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday Musings

19 days to go till Wedding Day – and with each day I find myself getting more and more excited, and more nervous. Although, M and I have had a relatively short engagement, we have put a large amount of time and effort into planning our wedding. And the wedding is not designed just to be about us, but rather has been planned as a party that of our nearest and dearest can enjoy. So it goes without saying that I want everything to be perfect. But I am also realistic and have made my peace with the fact that something will go wrong – or at least I keep telling everyone that - my sub-conscious says differently with all the wedding related nightmares I’ve been having.

Over the weekend, we knocked a few more items off of our wedding to-do list. Friday afternoon M and I made our selections for the tuxes – I had originally had my heart set on the guys wearing tails, but the short jacket with very pleated pants wasn’t a good look on ANY of our groomsmen. So M chose a classic black 2 button tux. I got to pick “the trimmings” and chose harvest gold vest with a striped Windsor tie in harvest gold. The color is a great compliment to my ivory gown and the bridesmaids chocolate brown dresses.

On Saturday, I got together with my bridesmaid Jessica, who is also decorating my reception hall. Together with her grandmother, we measured and cut ten 18-foot runners for my reception tables. We also finalized design choices in regards to the centerpieces.

This week will involve more tasks to be completed; like, finalizing the playlist with the DJ, reserving our hotel room for Saturday night, renting our limo, and talking with the photographer with regards to a timeline of activities. We also have to track down those guests who have not RSVP’d, so we can get a firm count on those who will be attending, so we can purchase the food for the meal. And somewhere in the midst of all this – M and I both want to go running at least twice, lift at least twice, clean up around our house, and most importantly spend quality time with each other. Guess it will be another busy week around here!